9/24/2015: Deal at 277 Waltham falls apart, seller increases price

You can’t make this stuff up. Last week, seller at 277 Waltham accepted an offer. Probably because of the new ceiling fan in the kitchen. Today the deal fell apart and the home came back on the market. With a price increase of $9,000.

277 Waltham4

I mean what in the world is going on here? When a deal falls apart, it’s not good for the seller. That’s real estate 101. Means the buyer got cold feet. Or the home inspection didn’t go well. It doesn’t mean jack the price up $9,000.

This place started out for rent at $4,988 in July. Then it was listed for sale at $998,888 renovated. Or you could buy it for less unrenovated. But only for 1 week. Nobody bought or rented the place so they took it off the market. Then it came back on the market at $899,888 and found a buyer a few weeks later. Today the deal fell apart and the price went up to $908,888.

Look you guys — real estate is not hard. A guy I work with likes to say we’re not trying to put a man on the moon here. I don’t even know what to say about 277 Waltham. I want the house to sell cause I’m a neighborhood guy but this listing makes me feel like…

car fail




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