9/22/2015: The rise of Moody St

Moody St is blowing up you guys. Can’t even believe I just wrote that but it’s true. I mean it used to be a place you’d go for a used futon or to get some adult videotapes. Not anymore. They have some good restaurants now. Yeah – plural – meaning more than 1.

Management & I went over there for dinner last week. Almost didn’t even recognize the street. Here some new additions, plus an old favorite.

The Backroom: stopped in here for some apps and a cocktail. Management ordered a glass of wine and they brought her a carafe. She was like oh I like this place! This restaurant looks like it should be downtown. Really cool, dark space. Tons of wine. Had some charcuterie – which came from the deli you walk through to get to the restaurant. (Deli has every meat imaginable and even opens at 7am for breakfast sandwiches.) Only gripe about this place is the prices. $38 for the ribeye?

The Backroom

Right next door is Tempo. Crowded restaurant with big bar. Lots of seafood and more reasonably priced than Backroom. Bunch of you guys have told me this place is for real.


Next to Tempo and Backroom is Charcoal Guidos. New pizza & pasta place. This place smelled good. Probably cause they use charcoal to cook everything. Peeked in here and — because of the name — thought it was gonna be a bunch of tanned meatheads from NJ slinging pies. But nope — normal looking waitstaff. Think the owner’s name is Guido.


Last but not least is The Gaff. Tons of beers on tap. Burger with a fried egg on top. Super-friendly waitstaff that gives you popcorn when you walk in. This place is right in my wheelhouse.


You can even walk to Moody from America’s Favorite Street. Next time you’re looking for a new spot, give Moody a look. Seriously — not kidding you guys.


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