9/17/2015: 277 Waltham adds ceiling fan in kitchen, finds buyer

This is the oldest trick in the book you guys. Can’t sell a home? Add a ceiling fan in the kitchen. It’s real estate 101. Like baking cookies before an open house. Or a warm fire on a cold day. Works 100% of the time.

277 Waltham3

Looks like they added some new appliances and a backsplash too. Was this the kitchen renovation they were talking about? Who cares — the headline here is ceiling fan.

277 Waltham4

Microwave about the stove doesn’t vent? No problem – turn on the ceiling fan and swirl that shit around. Hot & humid day? I know what we should do – turn on the ceiling fan. Home been on the market too long for sale/rent/renovated/unrenovated? Add a ceiling fan. Boom. Accepted offer.

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