9/15/2015: Wellington Parkfest

You guys — this is not to be confused with Parktoberfest, which is happening on Sept. 26th at 3pm. This is totally different. Wellington Park (Kilburn Rd) has their own little event the next day on the 27th from 1-4pm.

If you’ve never been to Wellington Park, it’s a good spot for the kids. Playground, basketball & tennis court and 2 large fields. The park was built in the 1930s and had a slide, 1 swing & 2 benches. Doesn’t sound fun to me but it was the 30s and you get what you get. Anyway, the park fell into disrepair in the 80s & 90s, which I guess means the slide broke.

Citizens for Wellington Park was created in 1999 and was instrumental in getting a new playground, basketball & tennis court. The b-ball court is a great place to dust off that ol jumper from high school and make it rain on 5 year olds. There’s even a small garden area too for planting stuff. Citizens for Wellington Park have worked hard to bring this park back.

Wellington Parkfest will have hot dogs, chips & ice cream. Probably not any big kid drinks you guys. But let’s be real it’s Sunday and you need a day off. If you want to help or bring something — sign up here:





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