9/29/2015: Update on Constantine Place

Word on the street is construction is behind schedule at Constantine Place. The property will consist of 3 retail spaces on the ground floor totaling 3,000 sq/ft with 5 apartments above. Still no word you guys on who the retail tenants will be. Fingers crossed that Keltic Krust makes a come back.


The Taleas family broke ground on this property last winter. Since I just renovated my kitchen and am basically an expert in construction now — I say the building is done by this winter.

9/29/2015: Sleepy’s coming to W. Newton

This is a real snoozer of a blog today. Literally. Sleepy’s Mattress is coming to Washington Street (#1081) where the old Barbour’s Farm Market used to be. I know — file this under who gives a shit.

Barbour's Farm Market

Apparently the Sleepy’s Mattress in Lower Falls does so well they needed a second Newton location. Not even kidding with that last sentence you guys. Management & I bought a foam mattress from Sleepy’s so I guess they do ok.

Construction will be done whenever. When you see balloons and a grand opening sign from the pike — this place is open.


9/28/2015: What’s the sale price of Big Red going to be?

So you guys were chirping me at Parktoberfest about the final sale price for Big Red — AKA 399 Waltham — AKA the Samuel Wheat House. Telling me it’s gonna sell for list price of $995k. The home is currently under agreement and scheduled to close Oct. 26th.

399 Waltham1

Not so sure about that you guys. This is a historic house with most of the rear yard already parceled off, sold and developed. Not always easy to find a buyer for a home like this.

So I’m saying the house goes for under $900k. Please keep in mind I’m a licensed real estate professional. I have also recently discovered I may be clairvoyant after several Coors Lights. So I think under $900k. What do you think?

9/27/2015: Parktoberfest 

Well well well — looks like Randlett did it again. 2nd annual Parktoberfest was a blast you guys. Lots of appetizers, ribs, pizza, kegs, college football and great music. Just another day on America’s favorite street: Randlett Park. 

As always thanks to everyone for pulling this together. Especially the Roys & Cravens — true party people. 




9/25/2015: Renting a theater at West Newton Cinema

So people have been telling me you can rent a theater for a private event at West Newton Cinema. It’s even on their website. Says for any event.

W Newton Cinema

I recently saw a trailer for the upcoming movie Point Break 2. Immediately spit out my Coors Light and called West Newton Cinema to reserve a theater. Left a message for the manager. Was very careful not to mention Point Break 2 or the boys from Scotch Club. I mean I wanted this guy David to call me back. Never heard from him.

point break

So – I’m asking Randlett Parkers has anyone ever rented a theater? What’s the deal? Also — this is for a friend — is there any way to maybe sneak a keg through an emergency exit?

Via con dios you guys.

9/24/2015: Deal at 277 Waltham falls apart, seller increases price

You can’t make this stuff up. Last week, seller at 277 Waltham accepted an offer. Probably because of the new ceiling fan in the kitchen. Today the deal fell apart and the home came back on the market. With a price increase of $9,000.

277 Waltham4

I mean what in the world is going on here? When a deal falls apart, it’s not good for the seller. That’s real estate 101. Means the buyer got cold feet. Or the home inspection didn’t go well. It doesn’t mean jack the price up $9,000.

This place started out for rent at $4,988 in July. Then it was listed for sale at $998,888 renovated. Or you could buy it for less unrenovated. But only for 1 week. Nobody bought or rented the place so they took it off the market. Then it came back on the market at $899,888 and found a buyer a few weeks later. Today the deal fell apart and the price went up to $908,888.

Look you guys — real estate is not hard. A guy I work with likes to say we’re not trying to put a man on the moon here. I don’t even know what to say about 277 Waltham. I want the house to sell cause I’m a neighborhood guy but this listing makes me feel like…

car fail




9/23/2015: Big Red (399 Waltham) has found a buyer

The Samuel Wheat House — aka Big Red — is under agreement. You guys remember this place: built in 1734 and only 6 owners in past 281 years. Looks like owner #7 will be closing just before Halloween.

399 Waltham1

Dr. Wheat used to see patients in his dining room. And by patients I mean guys who got banged up during the French & Indian War. Dr. Wheat died in 1770, which means he didn’t even live to see the American Revolution. Guy was probably like don’t even talk to me about the Continental Congress. Just help me get blood off the dining room floor.

399 Waltham dining room

9/22/2015: The rise of Moody St

Moody St is blowing up you guys. Can’t even believe I just wrote that but it’s true. I mean it used to be a place you’d go for a used futon or to get some adult videotapes. Not anymore. They have some good restaurants now. Yeah – plural – meaning more than 1.

Management & I went over there for dinner last week. Almost didn’t even recognize the street. Here some new additions, plus an old favorite.

The Backroom: stopped in here for some apps and a cocktail. Management ordered a glass of wine and they brought her a carafe. She was like oh I like this place! This restaurant looks like it should be downtown. Really cool, dark space. Tons of wine. Had some charcuterie – which came from the deli you walk through to get to the restaurant. (Deli has every meat imaginable and even opens at 7am for breakfast sandwiches.) Only gripe about this place is the prices. $38 for the ribeye?

The Backroom

Right next door is Tempo. Crowded restaurant with big bar. Lots of seafood and more reasonably priced than Backroom. Bunch of you guys have told me this place is for real.


Next to Tempo and Backroom is Charcoal Guidos. New pizza & pasta place. This place smelled good. Probably cause they use charcoal to cook everything. Peeked in here and — because of the name — thought it was gonna be a bunch of tanned meatheads from NJ slinging pies. But nope — normal looking waitstaff. Think the owner’s name is Guido.


Last but not least is The Gaff. Tons of beers on tap. Burger with a fried egg on top. Super-friendly waitstaff that gives you popcorn when you walk in. This place is right in my wheelhouse.


You can even walk to Moody from America’s Favorite Street. Next time you’re looking for a new spot, give Moody a look. Seriously — not kidding you guys.


9/17/2015: 277 Waltham adds ceiling fan in kitchen, finds buyer

This is the oldest trick in the book you guys. Can’t sell a home? Add a ceiling fan in the kitchen. It’s real estate 101. Like baking cookies before an open house. Or a warm fire on a cold day. Works 100% of the time.

277 Waltham3

Looks like they added some new appliances and a backsplash too. Was this the kitchen renovation they were talking about? Who cares — the headline here is ceiling fan.

277 Waltham4

Microwave about the stove doesn’t vent? No problem – turn on the ceiling fan and swirl that shit around. Hot & humid day? I know what we should do – turn on the ceiling fan. Home been on the market too long for sale/rent/renovated/unrenovated? Add a ceiling fan. Boom. Accepted offer.

9/17/2015: 71 Fairway Dr just listed for $749k 

71 Fairway is a 3 bed/2.5 bath with 2,130 sq/ft. Listing says Fairway is a popular side street in West Newton. Uh yah – that’s an understatement. You can probably hear us toasting our craft beers on Randlett from this big .18 acre yard.

This place has a finished basement and master bath with steam shower. Would love a master bath. Instead I share a bathroom with a 7 year old that wears night-vision goggles on the toilet. Not even worth asking him what his deal is.

Anyway 71 Fairway has been bid-war written all over it you guys.

9/17/2015: Have you seen 88 Adena lately?

My lord this is a nice looking house. 5 bed/4.5 bath house with over 4,000 sq/ft. Construction started in March and it looks like they’ll be wrapping up in the next few months.

I mean from the plans this place didn’t look all that special. Like a regular mcmansion on an 8,000 sq/ft lot. Maybe it’s the paint color or the great room off the back but something here is working for me.

88 Adena 88 Adena1

You guys may remember the lot was briefly listed last spring for $710k. Then the owners yanked it from the market and started construction. Not sure if they’re gonna keep it or sell it. If you have any intel, let me know.

9/15/2015: Parktoberfest reminder

Parktoberfest is coming up fast. Time to get your shit together you guys. Sept. 26th. Go time is 3pm. But let’s be real the party starts whenever the kegs are tapped.


Potluck this year. So sign up to bring dishes/drinks on the link below:


Remember to wear your Parktobfest gear from last year. Think it’s important on days like this to rub it in the faces of those poor people on Eliot St.



9/15/2015: Wellington Parkfest

You guys — this is not to be confused with Parktoberfest, which is happening on Sept. 26th at 3pm. This is totally different. Wellington Park (Kilburn Rd) has their own little event the next day on the 27th from 1-4pm.

If you’ve never been to Wellington Park, it’s a good spot for the kids. Playground, basketball & tennis court and 2 large fields. The park was built in the 1930s and had a slide, 1 swing & 2 benches. Doesn’t sound fun to me but it was the 30s and you get what you get. Anyway, the park fell into disrepair in the 80s & 90s, which I guess means the slide broke.

Citizens for Wellington Park was created in 1999 and was instrumental in getting a new playground, basketball & tennis court. The b-ball court is a great place to dust off that ol jumper from high school and make it rain on 5 year olds. There’s even a small garden area too for planting stuff. Citizens for Wellington Park have worked hard to bring this park back.

Wellington Parkfest will have hot dogs, chips & ice cream. Probably not any big kid drinks you guys. But let’s be real it’s Sunday and you need a day off. If you want to help or bring something — sign up here:





9/8/2015: 825 Watertown hits market for $1.899M

I previously told you guys this new construction house was gonna be listed for $1.8M. Well it just hit the market for $1.899M.


Gonna be a big house. 6 beds, 5.5 baths and 6,000 sq/ft. Master bedroom like you read about with “spa-like” bathroom and 2 closets.

Although the house is located at 825 Watertown, the MLS address is 00 Watertown. Clearly a nod to The Chief.

The Chief