9/29/2015: Update on Constantine Place

Word on the street is construction is behind schedule at Constantine Place. The property will consist of 3 retail spaces on the ground floor totaling 3,000 sq/ft with 5 apartments above. Still no word you guys on who the retail tenants will be. Fingers crossed that Keltic Krust makes a come back.


The Taleas family broke ground on this property last winter. Since I just renovated my kitchen and am basically an expert in construction now — I say the building is done by this winter.

9/29/2015: Sleepy’s coming to W. Newton

This is a real snoozer of a blog today. Literally. Sleepy’s Mattress is coming to Washington Street (#1081) where the old Barbour’s Farm Market used to be. I know — file this under who gives a shit.

Barbour's Farm Market

Apparently the Sleepy’s Mattress in Lower Falls does so well they needed a second Newton location. Not even kidding with that last sentence you guys. Management & I bought a foam mattress from Sleepy’s so I guess they do ok.

Construction will be done whenever. When you see balloons and a grand opening sign from the pike — this place is open.


9/28/2015: What’s the sale price of Big Red going to be?

So you guys were chirping me at Parktoberfest about the final sale price for Big Red — AKA 399 Waltham — AKA the Samuel Wheat House. Telling me it’s gonna sell for list price of $995k. The home is currently under agreement and scheduled to close Oct. 26th.

399 Waltham1

Not so sure about that you guys. This is a historic house with most of the rear yard already parceled off, sold and developed. Not always easy to find a buyer for a home like this.

So I’m saying the house goes for under $900k. Please keep in mind I’m a licensed real estate professional. I have also recently discovered I may be clairvoyant after several Coors Lights. So I think under $900k. What do you think?

9/27/2015: Parktoberfest 

Well well well — looks like Randlett did it again. 2nd annual Parktoberfest was a blast you guys. Lots of appetizers, ribs, pizza, kegs, college football and great music. Just another day on America’s favorite street: Randlett Park. 

As always thanks to everyone for pulling this together. Especially the Roys & Cravens — true party people. 




9/25/2015: Renting a theater at West Newton Cinema

So people have been telling me you can rent a theater for a private event at West Newton Cinema. It’s even on their website. Says for any event.

W Newton Cinema

I recently saw a trailer for the upcoming movie Point Break 2. Immediately spit out my Coors Light and called West Newton Cinema to reserve a theater. Left a message for the manager. Was very careful not to mention Point Break 2 or the boys from Scotch Club. I mean I wanted this guy David to call me back. Never heard from him.

point break

So – I’m asking Randlett Parkers has anyone ever rented a theater? What’s the deal? Also — this is for a friend — is there any way to maybe sneak a keg through an emergency exit?

Via con dios you guys.