8/20/2015: Poison ivy on Randlett

Most of you guys know I get poison ivy every summer. Its all around the sugar maple in our backyard. Last year’s case of poison ivy was a real downer. I got it in the worst spot. Like THE worst spot.

Common sense says stay away from the sugar maple. But when you’re a boss you do boss things. Like yard work around the sugar maple. One year I ripped it all out. You’ll never guess what happened? I got poison ivy.

Some Newton bros must have been running into the same problem as me, cause they just invented SeeLeaf — a wipe that changes color when it comes in contact with poison ivy or poison oak. These wipes can be bought in 5 or 10 packs and each wipe can be used over and over until it comes in contact with poison ivy/oak.

Poison ivy looks different everywhere you guys. At the beach it looks different than it does in Newton. It does not go dormant in the winter. You can even get it from dead plants or vines. So maybe these wipes are a good idea? http://www.seeleaf.com/

poison ivy


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