8/11/2015: Randlett road repairs

When Dale wants something done, it’s gonna get done. Like when 161 Randlett was for sale and the yard looked like crap. Dale walked by and told me to mow it. But I think I had like a groupon to Blue Ribbon that night and didn’t want it to expire. Next day she told me to mow it again and I was going to. Swear to god. Wasn’t fast enough for Dale though. So she called the realtor and told her it looked like crap. Next day it was mowed.

Dale’s new thing is fixing the road. You may or may not have noticed that it too looks like crap. Road was last paved in 1978 and is not scheduled to be repaved until 2019. Not gonna work for Dale. So she went out last week and documented & measured each hole in the road. Then sent the following letter to the city;

Honestly, within like 3 days all the holes on upper Randlett were filled. Lower Randlett should be repaired soon. So you guys have Dale to thank.



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