8/11/2015: French drains

Good day to talk about French drains you guys. Not much into French stuff, more of a USA guy so let’s just call them drains. Although I did go to France once and saw a bunch of old paintings and women with armpit hair. Everybody there was super rude. I was like um you’re welcome for WWII?

You guys know Randlett has a high water table. Which means on a rainy day like today, most of us are dealing with water coming up through the soil & rock and into your basement. Unlike the French, you’re gonna want to deal with this. The most effective way to stop water penetration is a drain.

Drains can cost anywhere from $7,500 – $10,000. Installation takes a few days and involves tearing everything away from the basement’s perimeter (even wood framing) to make room for the ditch. Ditch is made using a jackhammer which will rattle your teeth and send dust all the way to the 3rd floor. Big time mess — like WWII until we got invloved. Gravel & PVC pipe are then laid in the ditch and cement poured overtop. Ditch ends at a sump pit where a pump carries water up and out into yard.

French drain2

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