8/4/2015: Judith’s Kitchen will open this year… probably

Management & I took the mid-to-low level employees (kids) to The Local for dinner. Stopped to peer in the windows at Judith’s Kitchen and wound up meeting Judith and some of her family.

All my blog posts about Judith’s had Management looking at me like…

Kristen Wig2

After meeting Judith, Management was like do you think she knows who you are? Um… probably not? Only 3 people read the blog. And 2 of them are my parents.

Anyway, Judith is very nice. Hoping to open in August. Said inspections with the City have slowed her down. Came super-close to saying Judy baby just open but her family was there and they were nice too.


2 thoughts on “8/4/2015: Judith’s Kitchen will open this year… probably

  1. MAT

    Correction – 5 people read your blog. Myself and Gepetto are loyal readers…he’s a dog but for the purposes of page hits, he counts.

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