7/31/2015: 2nd summer using All Green for lawn care

Our first few years in the house, I thought I knew everything. Had internet access and a Home Depot credit card. Was reckless with lawn care. Some fertilizer here, seed there. It’ll look nice I told Management.

Then I got crabgrass.

dead grass

Everyone was telling me to get help. But I didn’t. And that’s when I got grubs.

Don’t know if you guys have ever hit rock bottom.  Well I did in 2014 when I got grubs. Grubs are nasty little bastards that eat away the root system of your lawn. They make a healthy lawn/lifestyle impossible.

That’s when I called All Green and told them I had crabgrass and grubs and god knows what else. Told them I had been reckless with my lawn and possibly my body. They didn’t need to know the last part but said it was ok. All Green is a lawn care company in West Roxbury that specializes in troubled lawns like mine.

They started by aerating my lawn. Then applied lime, fertilizer, crabgrass preventer and grub control — for $40/month. Grass perked up right away. I did too.

This is our 2nd summer with All Green. Best our grass has ever looked. Like we’re finally on the path to recovery.

If you have crabgrass or grubs or know someone who does, please get help.

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