7/24/2015: Don’t forget to order firewood this summer

Firewood is cheaper in the summer.  It needs a few months to season.  So why wouldn’t you order now?

Let’s be real.  If you have people over and can’t get a fire going — there’s gonna be gossip.  Like Chaz can’t get it started.  Or Bunny said it’s too wet. No Clayton’s wood is the problem.  Next thing you know your party is an erectile dysfunction commercial.

Don’t be that guy.  Be the guy that lights a match with his stubble, tosses it into the fire then walks off for more bourbon.

All you gotta do is call Bruce at Beech Hill Firewood.  Cord is $450.  Half cord is $275. For an extra cost, Bruce will stack it for you. He also delivers kiln dried wood and wood for pizza ovens.  Mine was delivered today so basically my Christmas party is already better than yours.

If you really want to step up your fire game, order some fatwood from LL Bean.  Pine fatwood sticks have a natural resin that make starting fires a cinch.  Almost don’t even need newspaper when you have fatwood.

Firewood pile

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