7/22/2015: 277 Waltham for rent at $4,988/month; now for sale at $998,888

Posted last week about 277 Waltham being listed for rent at $4,988/month.  Well it was just listed this morning for sale at $998,888.

277 Waltham

But it gets weird.  $998,888 is the price but you can get the house for less if you make an offer in the next 7 days.  You see the seller is planning to renovate the kitchen and 1 bathroom.  If you want renovated, you gotta pay $998,888 and the seller will do the work. If you want unrenovated, you can pay less but it’s gotta be in the next 7 days.

Oh yeah, City says the house is 2,603 sq/ft but broker says 3,500 sq/ft.

So lemme get this straight.  The house is for rent and sale.  The kitchen and 1 of the 2.5 baths will be/will not be renovated.  It’s somewhere between 2,603 – 3,500 sq/ft.  It can be rented renovated for $4,988/month.  It can be sold renovated without permits for $998,888. It can be sold unrenovated for less than $998,888 but only in the next 7 days. After 7 days, you can only buy the house renovated.

You guys clear on this?  Good.

277 Waltham1

277 Waltham2


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