7/21/2015: The cheapest place in West Newton

Everybody knows how strong the West Newton real estate market is this year.  But what if you have pretty much no USDs and still want to be an 02465er?

You could rent 211 Derby #3 for $1,100 per month.

211 Derby

Sweet house right?  Yeah — well your apartment is the attic.  All 510 sq/ft of it.  If you are over 5’4 I suggest you purchase a helmet.

211 Derby3

Bedroom — negative.  Any type of AC — nope.  105 degrees today — check. Kinda place you wind up renting then spend night 1 in a folding chair looking around like what the fuck happened with my life?

Don’t get too down though.  This place has a bathroom.  And a fridge.

211 Derby1

Wondering why there’s no kitchen?  Read the sign below.  It is what it is.

211 Derby2

Couldn’t be more perfect.  You sitting up there having your little pity party and the landlord and Bilichick reminding you to shut up.

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