7/10/2015: My mortgage guy

Everybody likes to have a guy for something.  Like a guy to fix your gutters.  Or a guy to clean your chimney.  Well George Rodgers is my guy for mortgages.

George & I played ball together at Northeastern.  We refer to each other as the old gang from college.  Sometimes just gang for short.

One time gang tried to get the whole team pumped up.  We were losing to JMU in the 4th quarter.  In the huddle George says we’re gonna march down the field and score!  Was like a scene from Rudy or something — except we played for Northeastern.  Next play the guy he was supposed to block sacked our quarterback for a safety.  Not gonna say he lost us the game but he lost us the game. #79 below

George put that play behind him and now works for GMH Mortgage.  Has done about 10 loans for Management & I. Lots of loans for my family & friends too.  When we’re buying something or need to refi, we call gang.  Totally trust my guy and he lays out all the options so it’s easy to understand. Even for a simple caveman like me.

I hate to harp on that play at JMU but gang really showed me something that day.  He could have packed it in after that.  Become an alcoholic.  Or like a recluse that lives in a camper and makes bombs.  NOBODY would have blamed him.  But he didn’t. Got married and got into the mortgage game.  I just want to say this to you guys: he has never and I mean never screwed up one of my mortgages as bad as he screwed up that JMU game.

So if you have mortgage needs, talk to George.  If you need to block someone in 4th quarter of a close game, call someone else.

Oh yeah – don’t call George this week.  He’s in Disney World with his 3 kids.  Must be having a great time.  In Orlando.  In July.  With 3 kids. grodgers@gmhmortgage.com

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