6/26/2015: 180 Cherry St just listed for $1.768M

The blog gods smiled upon me this morning and gave me 180 Cherry.  Just so much to work with here you guys.

180 Cherry

Let’s start with the price.  So you have a couple new construction homes in the immediate vicinity sold or under agreement in the $1.4M range.  48 Cherry Place ($1.399M), 14 Talbot ($1.435M) and of course my favorite, 62 Cherry Place ($1.499M).

62 Cherry Place

Now 180 Cherry is bigger than all 3 of these homes.  But like how do you arrive at $1,768,888 as a list price?  WAY above anything else in the neighborhood.  And on Cherry Street.  Directly across from Franklin School.  I think what happened here was the seller was like all the comps are $1.4M but my place is better and heres why:

This room is peach and has a non-working fireplace.  That’s an extra $55k.

180 Cherry2

Oh yeah we tiled the foyer.  $24k.

180 Cherry3

Kitchen is just insane so there’s another $102k.

180 Cherry4

Master bath with shower from the year 2023.  Tack on another $78k.

180 Cherry5

And pretty soon you arrive at $1,768,888.  Makes total sense to me.  Gonna keep an eye on this one you guys.

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