6/25/2015: Kitchen renovation – countertops 

Lots and lots of decisions being made on the kitchen lately. Went to LeaMar Industries in Marlborough last week to choose countertops. Never heard of this place in my life but it’s a football-sized warehouse filled with stone slabs.

Walked into the place and told the guy I was looking for countertops.  He said are you the decision maker?  I said are you kidding me?  Do a lot of husbands come in here and say that shit?  He laughed like a bastard, then we waited quietly for Management to arrive.


So Mike took us through the warehouse.  We told him we’re looking for inexpensive marble.  He said I got you brotha — so I knew we were straight.  Mike showed us about 10 slabs of carerra and they all pretty much looked the same.  Some different veining, some shiney, some honed.  No real rhyme or reason on pricing — kinda like cabinets you guys.  The price scale is alphabetical and the slab is graded based on color, where it came from, etc..  The slabs Management & I liked the best were actually the least expensive.  We wound up choosing a marble called Grigio Adriatico with a honed finish.

Weird thing about countertops is you don’t know how much you’re spending until your cabinets & island are measured by the installer.  Pete told us to expect to buy 3 slabs and pay around $5k — which was pretty accurate.  The 3 slabs cost $5300.  Remember we went way over budget on the Home Depot cabinets so the entire cost of the countertops is above-budget.  Countertops are set to go in sometime next week.

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