6/19/2015: Kitchen renovation – cabinets

A few weeks back, Management and I took a field trip to Lamson Lumber in Hudson to pick cabinets.  Pete met us there and we worked with a guy named Dusty, who already had the kitchen layout and seemed to know what’s up. He showed us a few different styles and helped us pick some white, wood Kraftmaid cabinets.

You guys are probably saying hey can’t you buy Kraftmaid at Home Depot?  Yes – yes you can. But we went to this place instead. I think because Dusty is good and works a lot with our countertop guy Jamie. I pretty much had no idea what was going on. Was like high school all over again.

Before you know it, Dusty was like ok that comes to $18,000. Huh?  How did we get there?  We went $3k over our cabinet budget but somehow didn’t get high-end cabinets.  Pete and Dusty kept saying well you have a shitload of cabinets.  I didn’t see one price tag or a calculator but everyone agreed cabinets were $18k. Um…ok?

Anywho cabinets are being installed in the next few days. Think they will look nice but again I just have no idea.  I feel like when someone says cabinets I just blink and nod my head a lot.

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