6/9/2015: RandlettPark.com reviews 50 Shades (part 3)

I know this book came out like 5 years ago but *Spoilet Alert* – Christian & Ana break up at the end of this book. This must be a huge relief to everyone in the book. Possibly everyone in America.  I mean who really thought this was gonna work?  Sure Christian has unresolved issues from childhood. But what it comes down to is he likes spanking and Ana doesn’t. So if you ask me what this book is about I say spanking. People who like it and people who don’t.

These 2 kids really tried to make a go of it in the last part of the book though. Christian met Ana’s mom and she was like damn this brother is fine.  They also went gliding at sunrise while they were in Georgia.  Was like a date from The Bachelor or something.  They spent a bunch of time together and Ana was legit falling in love with Christian. Christian meanwhile was on Planet Dominant like me no what love is.  Was just never gonna work you guys.

So I guess there are more books in this series that I won’t be reading.  My thing is more like war books. Or books about impossible feats of survival. Back when men were men. Not reviewing 50 Shades on a blog. You think Ernest Shackleton gives a shit about a blog? Guy took a rowboat home from Antarctica.

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