6/4/2015: Renovating our loft in East Boston

Some of you know we own a loft in East Boston that we rent out. Some of you don’t give a shit. Either way – we’re renovating it. Timing could not be worse with our kitchen renovation, but the place is 10 years old and needs work. Here’s the building – Porter 156…

It’s a 230 unit building near the airport. Management and I have owned it since 2005. Our tenants just moved out so we’re doing a bunch of work. 

Building out the loft level you guys  and adding new steel stairs and railings. The loft is basically a sleeping level and and the new stairs will be on the right side in the pic below. Replacing fridge and washer/dryer. Painting.  Doing a bunch of plumbing and electrical stuff. 

These are the before pics, hope to have some after pics in the next 7-10 days. 

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