6/4/2015: Big Red for sale… again

So the Samuel Wheat House — AKA Big Red — is back on the market for 995,000 shillings — I mean dollars.  You guys may remember this place was built in 1735 for Dr. Samuel Wheat.  Only 6 owners in 280 years.  It was listed for 6 months last year at $995k and didn’t sell.

399 Waltham1

As a licensed real estate professional, I can disclose that this home isn’t an easy sell.  I know you guys are thinking the market is on fire so the broker should hold an open house and then collect offers.  Maybe even make up some shit for marketing like Paul Revere rode past this house or George Washington slept here.  But Big Red has 3 things working against it: location on Waltham St, weird lot that’s been chopped up to make room for 20 Princess Rd in the back and the historical restrictions on what you can/can’t do with it.

399 Waltham3

This is the kinda sale where you only have 1 buyer.  May take some time to find ’em. Hopefully not 280 years.

399 Waltham4

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