6/26/2015: 180 Cherry St just listed for $1.768M

The blog gods smiled upon me this morning and gave me 180 Cherry.  Just so much to work with here you guys.

180 Cherry

Let’s start with the price.  So you have a couple new construction homes in the immediate vicinity sold or under agreement in the $1.4M range.  48 Cherry Place ($1.399M), 14 Talbot ($1.435M) and of course my favorite, 62 Cherry Place ($1.499M).

62 Cherry Place

Now 180 Cherry is bigger than all 3 of these homes.  But like how do you arrive at $1,768,888 as a list price?  WAY above anything else in the neighborhood.  And on Cherry Street.  Directly across from Franklin School.  I think what happened here was the seller was like all the comps are $1.4M but my place is better and heres why:

This room is peach and has a non-working fireplace.  That’s an extra $55k.

180 Cherry2

Oh yeah we tiled the foyer.  $24k.

180 Cherry3

Kitchen is just insane so there’s another $102k.

180 Cherry4

Master bath with shower from the year 2023.  Tack on another $78k.

180 Cherry5

And pretty soon you arrive at $1,768,888.  Makes total sense to me.  Gonna keep an eye on this one you guys.

6/25/2015: Kitchen renovation – countertops 

Lots and lots of decisions being made on the kitchen lately. Went to LeaMar Industries in Marlborough last week to choose countertops. Never heard of this place in my life but it’s a football-sized warehouse filled with stone slabs.

Walked into the place and told the guy I was looking for countertops.  He said are you the decision maker?  I said are you kidding me?  Do a lot of husbands come in here and say that shit?  He laughed like a bastard, then we waited quietly for Management to arrive.


So Mike took us through the warehouse.  We told him we’re looking for inexpensive marble.  He said I got you brotha — so I knew we were straight.  Mike showed us about 10 slabs of carerra and they all pretty much looked the same.  Some different veining, some shiney, some honed.  No real rhyme or reason on pricing — kinda like cabinets you guys.  The price scale is alphabetical and the slab is graded based on color, where it came from, etc..  The slabs Management & I liked the best were actually the least expensive.  We wound up choosing a marble called Grigio Adriatico with a honed finish.

Weird thing about countertops is you don’t know how much you’re spending until your cabinets & island are measured by the installer.  Pete told us to expect to buy 3 slabs and pay around $5k — which was pretty accurate.  The 3 slabs cost $5300.  Remember we went way over budget on the Home Depot cabinets so the entire cost of the countertops is above-budget.  Countertops are set to go in sometime next week.

6/21/2015: Randlett Pork

First ever Randlett Pork yesterday.  Maybe our best event yet?  We roasted a 40lb pig and 15lbs worth of pork shoulder. 2 kegs. Beer pong. Maybe even a little moonshine. Kids had ice cream, smores and watched like 4 movies. Just anther day on Americas favorite street, Randlett Park.

We basically had no idea how to roast a pig but then watched a bunch of YouTube videos and then said whatever lets do it. Huge shout out to the Roys and Cravens (again).  You guys are true party people.

6/19/2015: Kitchen renovation – cabinets

A few weeks back, Management and I took a field trip to Lamson Lumber in Hudson to pick cabinets.  Pete met us there and we worked with a guy named Dusty, who already had the kitchen layout and seemed to know what’s up. He showed us a few different styles and helped us pick some white, wood Kraftmaid cabinets.

You guys are probably saying hey can’t you buy Kraftmaid at Home Depot?  Yes – yes you can. But we went to this place instead. I think because Dusty is good and works a lot with our countertop guy Jamie. I pretty much had no idea what was going on. Was like high school all over again.

Before you know it, Dusty was like ok that comes to $18,000. Huh?  How did we get there?  We went $3k over our cabinet budget but somehow didn’t get high-end cabinets.  Pete and Dusty kept saying well you have a shitload of cabinets.  I didn’t see one price tag or a calculator but everyone agreed cabinets were $18k. Um…ok?

Anywho cabinets are being installed in the next few days. Think they will look nice but again I just have no idea.  I feel like when someone says cabinets I just blink and nod my head a lot.