5/19/2015: 20 Princess Rd just listed for $1.998M

Almost spit out my Coors Light when I saw this price.  $1.998M.  This 5 bed/3.5 bath house is off Waltham Street and currently under construction.

Basically in Big Red’s backyard.

399 Waltham1

And across the street from Old Yella.


First things first you guys, I couldn’t live on Princess Street.  Couldn’t do it.  I’d be like mumbling when people ask for me address.  20 (indistinguishable) Rd West Newton Mass.  Second, this price is on a pre-construction basis — which means it will go up when the house is completed in June/July.  I think if you change the name of the street to Horsepower Way or Cold One City Rd then it gets $2M.

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