5/15/2015: Kitchen renovation — insulation

So this is the back of my house.  Pete took off 3 layers of siding: wood shingle, asphalt shingle and vinyl.  Turns out there was no insulation.  How these pipes never froze I don’t know.

The guy that built this house in the 1920s took a few plays off.  I mean I know World War I sucked.  And then coming home to Prohibition probably had him like what was I even fighting for? Doesn’t mean you go around shorting people on insulation though.  That’s bad business.

Don’t worry gang.  We had the rest of the house insulated a few years ago.  Just not this side because we planned on renovating.  If you haven’t done a home energy audit through Mass Save — you should do it.  Your walls might look like this too.


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