5/6/2015: How many million dollar homes on Randlett?

Randlett Parkers are asking me this question all the time — how many million dollar homes are on Randlett?  I’m not gonna name names — but you guys know who you are.

We’ve got 161 Randlett under agreement with a list price of $699k scheduled to close June 25th.  Like 1,600 people attended the open house so the sale price will probably be north of $699k.  Same thing with 72 Randlett — currently under agreement with a list price of $869k.  So these 2 sales are our baseline for value this spring.

What makes a home on Randlett Park so valuable?

  • Location on the street.  Is the house on a corner?  Mid-street?
  • Condition of the house.  Needs work or totally renovated?
  • Size of the lot: mid-street lots are the biggest.  Lots get smaller at the ends of the street.
  • Curb appeal: see Joe Water’s yard.

Given this criteria, I’d say we have 7 homes worth over $1M on the street.  A bunch more right around $900k.  5 years ago when I first moved in, we didn’t have 1 million dollar baby. Now we got a bunch.  So I guess you’re welcome?

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