4/30/2015: Kitchen renovation — excavation

So they brought in a backhoe yesterday and laid waste to the backyard.  Ripped out the back stairs and small roof overhead.  Then dug out the perimeter of the new foundation (21×8′) — which is only 5-6′ deep since it will be a crawl space and not a full basement underneath the addition.

I’m kinda encouraged that they were able to bring in a dump truck with trailer and backhoe on top without crushing the driveway.  The real test will be today/tomorrow when they park the 80,000 lbs cement truck on the driveway and start pouring the foundation.

Pete’s been clear from the jump that I’m not allowed to use and/or touch power equipment. Did he talk to the guys at Star Quality Construction that did my front steps last summer?  I mean I thought me & Star Quality made magic together.  Not gonna kill you to leave the backhoe & keys overnight, is it Pete?  When I mix Coors Light and power equipment — wonderful things happen!


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