4/27/2015: Kitchen renovation – cost

So Management & I met with our general contractor, Pete Ekdahl, yesterday.  Kitchen renovation is gonna cost $112k you guys.  This is about what we expected.  We had estimates as high as $150k.

You might be saying whoa that’s a lot for a kitchen — this guy must be made of USDs.  (I’m not.)  We’re doing a 21×8′ addition off the back to make space for a mudroom and half bath. Pete says anytime you do an addition, the price is going to jump up because you’re dealing with foundation, framing, roof, siding, etc..  Makes sense.  We could have renovated the existing space for around $75k, but there wouldn’t have been room for the mudroom and half bath.

Here’s the existing floorplan.  With that stupid half bath next to the stove.

One thought on “4/27/2015: Kitchen renovation – cost

  1. Guterman, Myrna

    You will more than get your money back if you should go to sell. This street is highly desirable and Newton now has the most millionaires, so you have no worries. I always tell people that property in Newton is like gold in your pocket. Kitchens and bathrooms always are a good invesent. Good move–I’d rod add value.
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