4/22/2015: Napoleon grills — are you kidding me?

Saw a commercial last night for Napoleon Grills and almost spit out my Coors Light.  Like why am I even renovating my kitchen when I can just buy one of these?  Could save myself $100k.

Let’s start with the Prestige PRO Series.  Just look at this beast.


Has 2 lids and can cook up to 50 burgers at one time. One side has a rotisserie, the other can cook like an oven — in case you guys want a cake or something.  Need to nuke some meat?  This hoss has 123,000 BTUs.  That’s like using the exhaust of an F-16 to grill a t-bone.  Check out the Infrared Sizzle Zone.


Not impressed?  The PRO series also has integrated wood smoker.


Night light controls.


Also comes with a phone charger and integrated ice bucket — in case you need to make a quick trip to Cold One City.  This thing doesn’t have a price, it has an MSRP of $4,349. Like a truck with a hemi or something.


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