4/9/2015: Renovating our kitchen

So Management and I are renovating our kitchen.  For real this time.  Not like my blog post from January 2013 when I said it was on.  You guys wouldn’t remember that one. Only person reading the blog back then was Myrna — who told me the writing was good.  Thank you Myrna, but we both know the truth.  We know…

So I’m just gonna blog this renovation the whole way through.  The good, the bad, and the days I walk through the door and say WTF is going on around here?  Gonna tell you who our contractors are. How much we’re spending.  Where we bought cabinets & appliances. How steamed Management is.  Everything.

So let’s start with the “before” shots.  Go ahead, drink it in.

142 kitchen

Yellow formica counters.  Cabinets dating back to the Roosevelt administration.  Linoleum floors WITH duct tape.  Toilet 5 feet from the stove.  Whoever designed this kitchen should be driven out to the Berkshires and left there.

Meeting with our contractor next week to finalize design & budget.  Hope to pull permits in next 2 weeks and be underway soon.  Stay tuned you guys.


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