4/1/2015: This is the best time to sell ever

Been in the real estate game for 15 years.  Seen some crazy things.  Like in 2003, when a waiter making $50k could buy a home for $500k and finance 102% of the purchase.  Or 2006 when you could buy a home and flip it immediately for 10% more.  The Financial Crisis hit in 2009 and banks just stopped loaning people money to buy homes.  But I’ve never seen anything like today’s market.  Hundreds of people at open houses, homes with 20+ offers, buyers paying tens of thousands over asking price.

This is the best time to sell.  Ever.  And it’s not even close.

Here’s the bottom line: buyers are freaking out because there aren’t enough homes to buy. And sellers are treating them like this.


I’m not gonna sit here and throw a bunch of stats at you from the National Association of Realtors or Case-Schiller.  Or talk about inventory or interest rates.  That’s crap.  If you are considering selling, this is the best market you’re ever going to see.  Prices have never been higher and you have no competition.

Obvious exception to this blog is 62 Cherry Place.

Possibly all of Eliot Street as well.

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