4/30/2015: Kitchen renovation — excavation

So they brought in a backhoe yesterday and laid waste to the backyard.  Ripped out the back stairs and small roof overhead.  Then dug out the perimeter of the new foundation (21×8′) — which is only 5-6′ deep since it will be a crawl space and not a full basement underneath the addition.

I’m kinda encouraged that they were able to bring in a dump truck with trailer and backhoe on top without crushing the driveway.  The real test will be today/tomorrow when they park the 80,000 lbs cement truck on the driveway and start pouring the foundation.

Pete’s been clear from the jump that I’m not allowed to use and/or touch power equipment. Did he talk to the guys at Star Quality Construction that did my front steps last summer?  I mean I thought me & Star Quality made magic together.  Not gonna kill you to leave the backhoe & keys overnight, is it Pete?  When I mix Coors Light and power equipment — wonderful things happen!


4/28/2015: Kitchen renovation — design

So we’re adding a 21×8′ addition off the back of the house to accommodate a new mudroom and half bath.  Also, going to open up the wall (a little) between the kitchen and dining room.  Here’s the new design:

Here’s the rear view.  Adding 2 more windows over the sink.  South-facing so it should let in a lot of light.  The new stairs will be wood — maybe trex?  I don’t know.

And side view.  Our lot is only 7,500 sq/ft — so we didn’t want to make the addition too big and ruin the backyard.

We don’t love the idea of a flat roof over the addition but didn’t have any other options.  We ruled out skylights after this winter.  Last thing we need is water damage you guys.

4/27/2015: Kitchen renovation – cost

So Management & I met with our general contractor, Pete Ekdahl, yesterday.  Kitchen renovation is gonna cost $112k you guys.  This is about what we expected.  We had estimates as high as $150k.

You might be saying whoa that’s a lot for a kitchen — this guy must be made of USDs.  (I’m not.)  We’re doing a 21×8′ addition off the back to make space for a mudroom and half bath. Pete says anytime you do an addition, the price is going to jump up because you’re dealing with foundation, framing, roof, siding, etc..  Makes sense.  We could have renovated the existing space for around $75k, but there wouldn’t have been room for the mudroom and half bath.

Here’s the existing floorplan.  With that stupid half bath next to the stove.

4/25/2015: Kitchen renovation – will the cement truck crush our driveway?

Spoke to our general contractor, Pete, today. Our work has been approved and  we got our permits from the city. The small addition we’re doing off the back of the house fits within the city’s setback requirements. That’s the good news. 

Bad news is when we pour our new foundation, the cement truck may crush our driveway. Pete says the cement truck weighs 80,000 lbs and the excavator thinks our driveway may get smashed to shit. So we have that going for us. 

Kinda feel like there should be an over/under on whether or not it gets smashed. Would love to get some action going on this. 

Meeting with Pete tomorrow morning to go over budget, design and timeline. Hope to have a design to share with you guys next week. 

4/24/2015: 62 Cherry Place – under agreement

Yes, you read that right.  62 Cherry Place is under agreement.  Talk about egg on my face.

62 Cherry Place

Here I am sitting at my desk, typing with my stupid index fingers thinking I know everything about real estate.  So f’ing smart with my little blog.  Talking about how long it’s taken 62 Cherry to sell.  I’ll tell you what — someone got sick of my BS and straight up bought the place.

Gigantic chair and all.

62 Cherry chair

Sometimes in the blogging game you get posterized.  But you gotta keep blogging.




4/22/2015: Napoleon grills — are you kidding me?

Saw a commercial last night for Napoleon Grills and almost spit out my Coors Light.  Like why am I even renovating my kitchen when I can just buy one of these?  Could save myself $100k.

Let’s start with the Prestige PRO Series.  Just look at this beast.


Has 2 lids and can cook up to 50 burgers at one time. One side has a rotisserie, the other can cook like an oven — in case you guys want a cake or something.  Need to nuke some meat?  This hoss has 123,000 BTUs.  That’s like using the exhaust of an F-16 to grill a t-bone.  Check out the Infrared Sizzle Zone.


Not impressed?  The PRO series also has integrated wood smoker.


Night light controls.


Also comes with a phone charger and integrated ice bucket — in case you need to make a quick trip to Cold One City.  This thing doesn’t have a price, it has an MSRP of $4,349. Like a truck with a hemi or something.


4/15/2015: W. Newton Hill real estate porn

45 Pickwick was just listed for $3.995M.  New construction home with 5 beds, 7.5 baths and 7,251 sq/ft.  Custom bar, wine cellar, play room and gym.  Obviously.

45 Pick 45 Pick2 45 Pick3 45 Pick4

1592 Comm. Ave. was just listed for $3.599M.  6 bed, 6.5 bath with 7,000 sq/ft.  Billiard room, game room and media room.  Get a load of the backyard on this one.

1592 Comm1 1592 Comm2 1592 Comm3 1592 Comm4

4/11/2015: For all the Randlett speeders 

Turns out you don’t have to go through the City to get a new street sign. You guys just need Amazon Prime.  Just posted this sign in front of our house. Mostly to protect the kids, partly to piss off Randlett speeders.

For all the sign haters, remember the immortal words of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock from their 1988 smash hit It Takes Two:

You don’t like it

So what

I don’t care.