3/31/2015: Intel on Judith’s Kitchen

Was gonna post an April Fools day blog about how Judith’s Kitchen was opening tomorrow.  Then I came across some real intel that I needed to share with you guys. Check it out.

Judith Kalish is a West Newton resident and plans to open Judith’s Kitchen this spring. Judith is a graduate from Swathmore College and The New England Culinary Institute. Been working at restaurants like Hamersley’s Bistro and Orleans since the 90s.  Most recently, she was the manger for prepared foods at both Newton Whole Foods locations. Also Foodie’s Urban Market in the South End.

Judith’s Kitchen will be dining in and take out.  Soups, salads, meat, fish, pastas and most importantly — coffee, tea and breakfast pastries for morning commuters.  Hopefully there will be a grand opening in our near future.  For more info, check out http://www.judiths-kitchen.com.






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