3/23/2015: Horace Mann playground needs your help!

Actually, they need your money.  The playground at Albermarle Field is in need of replacement.  The kids at Horace Mann are just plain sick of it. The City of Newton has changed their playground funding policies and has made a $75,000 commitment to the playground.  This is enough to cover one of the two structures they’d like to install.  The 2nd structure costs $90k — which is where you come in.

Many Horace Mann families have already donated but they still need more USDs.  In order to have the playground ready for the 1st day of school in Fall 2015, they need to order both structures by April 15th.  Every donation over $100 comes with a brick paver.  And the donations are tax deductible.  So you guys really have no excuse.  Think of the children!

Horace Mann playground

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