3/13/2015: What’s up with the Nathaniel Allen House on Webster St?

You guys know this place.  On Webster Street.  Looks like it was built in 1593 and may just say F it and fall over backwards.

Allen house

Belonged to Nathaniel Allen, a West Newton educator and abolitionist from back in the day. Like way back in the day.  For those of you who aren’t history buffs like myself, abolitionists study and promote the health of trees.  The Nathaniel Allen House was one of the first co-ed, racially integrated schools.  Didn’t matter if you were a boy or girl, black or white, Nathaniel Allen dropped knowledge about trees on kids from all backgrounds.  Guy was also boys with Horace Mann & Cyrus Pierce.

Fast forward 700 years and the Board of Alderman has just approved $300k of Community Preservation Funds to stabilize the building and make it accessible as part of the 1st phase of restoring this old beaut.  Renovations are already under way.

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