2/27/2015: 164 Fairway — the saga continues

You guys probably remember this place.  Was on the market last spring for $580k. Couple of you went to the open house and reported back.  Telling me it was “awful, seriously, awful” or “just so gross.”  Well, in real estate, we don’t use those terms.  We use terms like gut job, total dump or beat city USA.

164 Fairway

Real Home Solutions Inc bought the home in July for $640k.  They petitioned for a zoning variance last fall to build a new garage and addition off the back.  The backyard is very small and the addition would put the house right on the property line.  The variance was opposed by abutters.

164 Fairway backyard

Real Home Solutions was issued a permit on Dec. 31st to build 2 new additions: a new garage and great room.  2 bedrooms will also be added, presumably above the garage. So I guess the abutters can suck it.  Garage demo started today.

164 Fairway demo

Just me or we got a leaner here?  Feel like the garage came off and the rest of the house was like oh boy.

This place is going to be under construction for a while.  City’s also making them replace the water & sewer lines — probably just to piss off the abutters.

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