2/20/2015: Clearing snow off your roof

Lotta talk on the street about how best to get snow off your roof.  Who to call?  Are they insured?  How much?  Can I do it myself with a roof rake?

Last week, we had slight water damage at a condo we own in Watertown.  I called 10 guys that had been recommended by neighbors and the Franklin school gang.  Newton Roofing told me they could do it in March.  Angelo from New Image Design told me $1000 – 1500 just to clear the lower 5′ of roof.  Some guy named Julio Alonzo said he would do it then disappeared.  I’ve heard estimates on Randlett Park from $400 to as high as $2400 to have your roof completely cleared and repaired.

In the end, I borrowed a 20′ roof rake and did it myself.  Just got the snow around the gutters off and knocked down some icicles.  Best I could do.

If you guys have any recommendations/suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.  Thank you!

snow on roof

One thought on “2/20/2015: Clearing snow off your roof

  1. Jean

    we’re using a guy Chris and Linda Duncombe found. His name is George Washburn and his number is (978) 751-0758. He’s charging us $375 to remove snow from our roof.

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