12/14/2015: Randlett speeders upset about large snowbanks

All this snow has been hitting everyone really hard. Even the people that speed down the street. Big snowbanks have forced them to slow down – enough that I could actually talk to them. They spoke on the condition of anonymity and will only be referred to by their vehicle you guys.

Ford F-150: really miss makin the turn onto Randlett and lettin it rip. My truck has a shit-ton of horsepower and Randlett lets me stretch her legs a little. Kinda bummed I can’t bomb it like I do in the summer.

Toyota Prius: I don’t make $500k a year and send my kids to Fessenden. But I sit behind them on Waltham in their luxury SUVs. When I turn on Randlett, that’s my time! To crank NPR and wonder how Martha Coakley could have possibly lost that election. I can get up to 40MPH half way down the street. The snowbanks have taken that away from me. And that’s upsetting.

Range Rover: my kid goes to Fessenden. I’m a money manager downtown. Make bank. People on Randlett should clear their street and stop acting like bitches.

Toyota Camry: Randlett is a great cut-through street. But since I’ve slowed down, I noticed it’s like happy hour all the time there. Last snowstorm they were drinking at 10am. What’s the deal? It was a Monday. Put down the craft beers and start shoveling!


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