2/12/2015: Ice dams

So a lot of talk about ice dams on the street lately.  You know those giant icicles hanging down from your roof.

ice dam

Ice dams form when heat in your attic warms the roof, causing snow on top to melt.  That water flows to the eaves (where it’s colder) then freezes.  Ice dams are dangerous because they can tear off your gutters & shingles and worst case — cause water damage inside your house.

Some people have ice dams, some don’t — how come?  Insulation you guys.  Warm air escaping through your roof is going to cause ice dams.  Well-insulated houses that don’t leak air are less likely to have ice dams.


Look I’m not Bob Vila.  I don’t have a beard or my own TV show.  Can you imagine if I did though? Even just a beard would be cool.  But seriously insulate your attic. You can do it through Mass Save.  Costs about $3000 to have 7″ of open cell foam insulation blown in. Takes 1 day.  Will help you save on heating costs throughout the winter too.

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