2/1/2015: How much $ does Nest really save you?

Hey you guys – Randlettpark.com here. Want to talk about Nest thermostats and how many USDs they really save you. Nest claims to trim your gas bill by as much as 20% or $173 annually.

I installed a Nest in 2013. Gotta say it’s nice to fire up the heat (or AC) on the way home from a lovely weekend away with Management and have the house a perfect temp when you walk in. Also not a bad night light when I walk by at 2am on way to bathroom. But sometimes I wonder – is this thing convenient or does it actually save me money?

After looking at my National Grid bills since installing, Nest has saved me about 3% on gas annually. Management is over the moon about this! Just kidding – she doesn’t give a shit. 3% isn’t the 20% that Nest advertises, but it’s 31 less therms – which totals about $46.

So does Nest really save you money? Meh.


2 thoughts on “2/1/2015: How much $ does Nest really save you?

  1. Guterman, Myrna

    David: I understand that you did the sidewalks with the first storm. Many thanks–you are a great neighbor! Myrna Goterman

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  2. MAT

    I’m going to need to hide this post from your sister as I’ve been lobbying for a Nest (and the Nest Protect) for some time now. I might need to hack your info and change these numbers around.

    –Mike Alpha Tango (MAT)

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