1/8/2015: Randlett Park weather records

Think today is cold you guys?  Not even close to the coldest day Randlett has ever seen. We hit -21 degrees in February 1934.  That same winter winds topped 231 MPH on Mt. Washington.

Randlett saw winds top 100 MPH during the New England Hurricane of 1938 and the Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635.  The Boston Globe reported that the Colonial “hit Mass without warning” and “the settlers and Native Americans at the time lacked sophisticated weather equipment.”  No shit Globe.

Most snow Randlett has ever seen was Feb. 17 & 18th, 2003 (President’s Day Weekend Storm) with 27.5 inches.  2nd most was the Blizzard of ’78 with 27.1 inches.  Most people don’t know when the Blizzard of ’78 hit, there was already 2 feet of snow on the ground (another blizzard hit 17 days earlier).  Heard from several Randlett lifers this was a great storm.  Neighbors helping neighbors shovel out, then neighbors helping neighbors empty each others liquor cabinets.  Vintage Randlett.


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