12/9/2014: Newton Police log — Suspects steal SUV, caught high-fiving on tape

Newton Police log has been gold lately.  The OUI guy last week driving on 3 wheels.  This week 2 bros stole an SUV on Manor House Rd, ditched the car on Lorna Rd then got out and high-fived.  Right in front of a surveillance camera.

Look you guys, I like a high-five as much as the next guy.  But I’m throwing a flag for excessive celebration on this one.  I mean just right in the cops face.  Worst part is the cops can’t find these 2 bros so they’re asking for the public’s help.  Which will probably lead to, you guessed it, another high-five.

stolen car

Cops are never gonna catch these guys.  How do I know?  My car was broken into in 2007 in Watertown.  Chapstick was stolen.  Cherry flavor — little more than half left.  Right out of the center console you guys.  Cop showed up and was a literally a dead ringer for Hightower from Police Academy.  Stepped out of the cruiser and I was like wow.  8 feet tall with the kind of stache that says stop talking.  Anyway, Hightower conducted a thorough investigation lasting 4 seconds then bounced to get coffee.  So chalk this one up as unsolvable.


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