12/9/2014: Newton Police log — Suspects steal SUV, caught high-fiving on tape

Newton Police log has been gold lately.  The OUI guy last week driving on 3 wheels.  This week 2 bros stole an SUV on Manor House Rd, ditched the car on Lorna Rd then got out and high-fived.  Right in front of a surveillance camera.

Look you guys, I like a high-five as much as the next guy.  But I’m throwing a flag for excessive celebration on this one.  I mean just right in the cops face.  Worst part is the cops can’t find these 2 bros so they’re asking for the public’s help.  Which will probably lead to, you guessed it, another high-five.

stolen car

Cops are never gonna catch these guys.  How do I know?  My car was broken into in 2007 in Watertown.  Chapstick was stolen.  Cherry flavor — little more than half left.  Right out of the center console you guys.  Cop showed up and was a literally a dead ringer for Hightower from Police Academy.  Stepped out of the cruiser and I was like wow.  8 feet tall with the kind of stache that says stop talking.  Anyway, Hightower conducted a thorough investigation lasting 4 seconds then bounced to get coffee.  So chalk this one up as unsolvable.


12/3/2014: Newton Police Log — Teen Charged with OUI After Driving SUV with No Tire

An 18-year-old male from Newton was charged with OUI (liquor) after an officer said he was saw him driving a white sport utility without a tire on Beacon Street. The SUV had no tire on one wheel and extensive body damage. The officer said teen had apparently hit an object and drove away. When the officer pulled the teen over, the teen had bloodshot eyes and reeked of alcohol.

Wow you guys.  Some real questionable decision making here.  Let’s take it from the top:

1.) If you’ve had a bunch of liquor, probably best to cab it or walk home.  Maybe even call Mom & Dad to scoop you?  Sure they’re gonna be steamed but not nearly as steamed as when you total the family SUV.

2.) If you’re drunk driving, hit something and lose a tire, best just to call it a loss and stop right there.  I mean you can’t really keep telling yourself “I’m good” when you only have 3 tires.

3.) Driving down Beacon St?  Nobody will see you there.  Not like a major road or anything.

4.) If you’re drunk, driving a car with 3 tires and extensive body damage — you’re gonna get an OUI.  Like who doesn’t pull up next to a 3 wheeled car at a stop light and think WTF?  Cops sure do.  They will even take the time to pull you over and see what your deal is.

police lights