11/15/2014: Judith’s Kitchen coming to old Keltic Krust site

Don’t know who Judith is but she’s opening a kitchen in the old Keltic Krust spot. She’ll be cooking up everything from soups & sandwiches to roasted meats & pasta. Most importantly breakfast pastries you guys.


One thought on “11/15/2014: Judith’s Kitchen coming to old Keltic Krust site

  1. Christian Moen

    I’m afraid our intrepid reporter “buried the lead” on this one, as they say in the news biz. The real story here is the truly unfortunate use of clip art. If I’m not mistaken (and I’m not), those icons on either side of “Judith’s Kitchen” are usually used to signify toxic conditions, not homemade goodness. Perhaps Judith considers this fair warning that she plans to enrich uranium in the back room and run her new business on good ole homemade nuclear power? Or maybe she just thought they looked like flowers?

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