11/14/2014: What’s up with the vacant lot in W. Newton?

You know this vacant lot in W. Newton?  The one at the corner of Elm & Border that should be a bakery, restaurant, gentleman’s club, something…

111 Elm St

Well I did some digging on this you guys.  Here’s the scoop (according to the internet):

There are 3 parcels of land at the corner of Elm & Border St that were owned by Constantine Taleas.  115 Elm is the Mango Thai building.  111 Elm & 8 Border are the 2 vacant lots next door.  In the fall of 2011, Constantine got approval from the city to build a 3 story building with 3 commercial spaces on the 1st floor and 4 apartments above on the vacant lots.  Unfortunately, Constantine died on December 16th, 2011.

The property has been vacant since.  According to Ted Hess Mahan (Alderman for Ward 3), the Taleas family applied for an extension in 2013.  They have since secured financing and a builder and hope to break ground soon.  It looked like there was some activity on the site today.  No word on who the commercial tenants will be, but really hoping Keltic Krust makes a comeback.

Whew — that was a super-serious blog that involved some research.  Feel like I just need to say you guys, you guys, you guys a bunch of times and be done with it.


One thought on “11/14/2014: What’s up with the vacant lot in W. Newton?

  1. Josh

    I read about that three-story building and wondered what happened. Thanks for the info. …and “you guys” is a huge part of the brand. You could never overuse it.

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