10/10/2014: What’s up with Big Red?

399 Waltham1

The Samuel Wheat House — aka Big Red.  Still for sale at $995k.   Only 6 owners in 279 years.  Dr. Wheat built the home in 1735 and used the dining room as a doctor’s office. Get yellow fever just thinking about it.  The home first sold in 1735 for 6 tobacco stalks, 4 beaver skins and some wampum.

399 Waltham2

399 Waltham3

399 Waltham4

One thought on “10/10/2014: What’s up with Big Red?

  1. Linda Duncombe

    I know the owner and she has moved to Vermont and is in no hurry to sell. She believes the house is worth 1 million and is willing to wait. She sold the adjacent lot and, as you can see, a house is being built there.

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