10/30/2014: Turkeys on Waltham St

Timing could not be any worse guys. Thanksgiving right around the corner. Coyotes all over the place. And you guys crossing Waltham with your weird necks not giving a crap.


I mean where do you hide all year? Where are you when it’s 100 degrees in July or when we have a foot of snow on the ground in January? Don’t know if turkeys have dens or nests or what. But timing is really bad. Just screams B Squad.

10/16/2014: New beer & wine store at Shell gas station

Looks like the owners of the Shell gas station at 979 Watertown St are getting into booze game.  The city has approved an alcohol license and the snack shop will be expanded to sell beer & wine.  Hope they have Coors Light.  It appears they’ll be keeping 4 gas pumps and a garage bay for repairs.


In other news, I paid $2.95/gallon for gas there last night.  Was like 2009 all over again. Management got me a Stop & Shop Rewards card and I saved $.40/gallon. Finally a benefit to all the milk and fruit we give the kids.  Besides them growing.  Obviously you guys.

unnamed (1)shell


10/12/2014: Parktoberfest recap

Well well well – looks like Randlett had themselves a little party yesterday. Parktoberfest was off the hook. Music, college football, kegs, pizza oven, kids everywhere. Lots of grilled meat. New annual tradition. Thanks to everyone that made this possible – total team effort you guys.








10/10/2014: What’s up with Big Red?

399 Waltham1

The Samuel Wheat House — aka Big Red.  Still for sale at $995k.   Only 6 owners in 279 years.  Dr. Wheat built the home in 1735 and used the dining room as a doctor’s office. Get yellow fever just thinking about it.  The home first sold in 1735 for 6 tobacco stalks, 4 beaver skins and some wampum.

399 Waltham2

399 Waltham3

399 Waltham4

10/4/2014: Cherry Tree hit by car

Major news out of W. Newton today you guys. Some guy from NH drove onto the sidewalk, hit a guy standing in front of The Cherry Tree then hit the front of the restaurant. Poor guy was probably just trying to have a smoke and gets hit by a car. Thankfully – looks like he’s going to be ok.

The driver, however, was arrested for OUI drugs. Can’t get much dumber than this. Doing drugs, driving, hitting a pedestrian and having the nerve to hit my favorite restaurant. I was there about 20 mins after it happened and was like is this guy on drugs?! Turns out he was.