9/23/2014: Parktoberfest update

This party just got taken to the next level with fliers and merchandise.  Big shout-out to the organizers of this event (The Cravens & Roys) for pulling this together.  Here’s what you guys need to know:

When: Saturday, October 11th (Festivities at 1pm, dinner served at 4pm)

Where: Between #76-90 RP

Food: The Cravens will be roasting an assortment of meats and hot dogs for the kids.  A contribution of $5 per person can be dropped off at #90 RP by Oct. 4th

Merchandise: Can be ordered at http://www.cafepress.com/randlettpark (all proceeds go towards funding our next event)

Questions: Contact Carolyn Craven at 617 916-0073 or ccraven@bevnet.com.  Jean Roy at 617 947-6430 or jeanstehleroy@gmail.com



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