9/12/2014: TV on upper Randlett

Hey guys, it’s me — the TV on upper Randlett.  Got dumped in the trash bin last week. Trash guy saw me last Friday and ruptured his L4 & L5 vertebrae getting me out of the bin. As soon as I went curbside, I thought — oh shit, gonna get blogged.

Anywho — here I am!  So a little bit about me… I’m a 2001 Sony Wega Flatscreen.  I’m 26″ deep and weigh 100lbs.  Not exactly petite!  I have a 16:9 aspect ratio — great for DVDs like Moulin Rouge or Pearl Harbor.  A 2001 Amazon.com review gushed “this is the closest thing to being in a movie theater without being in a movie theater!”

I also have picture-in-picture (PIP).  So you can watch a miniature version of the same show in the corner.  Want to change the PIP channel so you can watch Smallville & Alias at the same time?  Haha — you better read the manual a zillion times!!

What am I looking for?  A low-def home with DVD player and a playstation.  Maybe a surround sound system with giant speakers and wires running everywhere.  Never been hooked up to DirectTV but I could be into that.  I think.


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