9/23/2014: Parktoberfest update

This party just got taken to the next level with fliers and merchandise.  Big shout-out to the organizers of this event (The Cravens & Roys) for pulling this together.  Here’s what you guys need to know:

When: Saturday, October 11th (Festivities at 1pm, dinner served at 4pm)

Where: Between #76-90 RP

Food: The Cravens will be roasting an assortment of meats and hot dogs for the kids.  A contribution of $5 per person can be dropped off at #90 RP by Oct. 4th

Merchandise: Can be ordered at http://www.cafepress.com/randlettpark (all proceeds go towards funding our next event)

Questions: Contact Carolyn Craven at 617 916-0073 or ccraven@bevnet.com.  Jean Roy at 617 947-6430 or jeanstehleroy@gmail.com



9/16/2014: What’s up with the Knights of Columbus Hall?

Got some inside info today on the Knights of Columbus Hall. What do you do when you get inside info?  Put it on the internet.  Obviously.  It’s like Internet 101.

KofC is the large building just across Waltham St — where the road splits between North & South Gate Park.  KofC is a fraternal benefit society that offers financial aid to members and their families.  Social and intellectual fellowship is also offered — kinda like Scotch Club.

Tony Pasquale has purchased the building and has been working with the Planning Department to determine future use in accordance with city regulations.  In a meeting with the Development Review Team 2 weeks ago, Tony discussed saving the building and converting it to housing units.  Tony has also submitted a full demo proposal to keep his options open.  Below is a photograph of the building in 1910.


PS — check out the note to Olive on the photo.  Kinda catty.  It’s like we have our dances here and it’s awesome — can you even foxtrot Olive?  Worst part is it’s from MLK.  Not his best work.

9/12/2014: TV on upper Randlett

Hey guys, it’s me — the TV on upper Randlett.  Got dumped in the trash bin last week. Trash guy saw me last Friday and ruptured his L4 & L5 vertebrae getting me out of the bin. As soon as I went curbside, I thought — oh shit, gonna get blogged.

Anywho — here I am!  So a little bit about me… I’m a 2001 Sony Wega Flatscreen.  I’m 26″ deep and weigh 100lbs.  Not exactly petite!  I have a 16:9 aspect ratio — great for DVDs like Moulin Rouge or Pearl Harbor.  A 2001 Amazon.com review gushed “this is the closest thing to being in a movie theater without being in a movie theater!”

I also have picture-in-picture (PIP).  So you can watch a miniature version of the same show in the corner.  Want to change the PIP channel so you can watch Smallville & Alias at the same time?  Haha — you better read the manual a zillion times!!

What am I looking for?  A low-def home with DVD player and a playstation.  Maybe a surround sound system with giant speakers and wires running everywhere.  Never been hooked up to DirectTV but I could be into that.  I think.