8/31/2014: Keltic Krust closed

Guest blog from Kyle today you guys. I was honestly so bummed I couldn’t write this one. Anybody that knows me knows I’m in the croissant game and nobody did it better than Keltic. At least on this sad day you can enjoy some real writing…

Keltic Krust sprung one on us this weekend, announcing on Facebook on Saturday that Sunday was their last day of business. We made a final visit on Sunday morning, spreading corn muffin crumbs on the floor for a final time and grabbing some raisin soda bread for the road. “Amazing Grace” was playing on bagpipes on the speakers. Fitting.

It sounds like Keltic will live on by selling through farmers markets, hopefully stores like Russo’s, and even selling direct through the web so this is not the last time we enjoy their baked goods. A gourmet food to go place is going into the space and they may be open in the morning for coffee. Reports of a espresso machine going into the Cherry Tree are unconfirmed as of this writing.

Sláinte, Keltic Krust!


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