8/26/2014: New front steps & walkway

So we got four estimates to demo our existing front steps & walkway and rebuild with bluestone.  Also replacing the wood columns with new fiberglass columns.  Estimates ranged from $10-20k.  The guy who quoted me $20k can kiss my ass.

We chose Star Quality Construction and they start today (I hope).  Total job cost is $10,800 — including the columns.  Kinda a no-brainer to go with a company called Star Quality.  Obviously their work must be awesome.

Only downside is all the jack-hammering today.  Sorry you guys.  I asked John if I could use the jack-hammer and he kinda looked at me like you serious bro?  Guess because of insurance & liability it’s better for his guys to do it.

Anyway — here’s the before shot.  Hope to have an after shot on Friday.


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